My bailiwick is writing books regarding men and relationships. For whatever reasons, this has become my path. One friend said that it is because of my karmic [modified] lesson number, and that could be true.

After writing my first book, and then doing the off-shoot documentary for it, my favorite uncle told me to keep doing what I was doing, because it needed to be done. It was most interesting, first in the the fact that I never set out to write a book, but that it was nothing more than a collection of thoughts and inner feelings that I composed over various romantic times in my life. Those times were normally when either I was wanting a relationship, in a relationship that was crumbling, or just of a relationship.

The second interesting point is that this uncle was someone that I only had become close to a few years prior, and weirdly enough, we saw eye to eye on a lot of things, a could just talk for hours.

This life path of mine has found me engrossed in conversations, dialogues and analyses with people, both male and female, old and young, white and Black [and other] no matter where I go or have been. Whether it has been talking with people while in Mexico, sitting at a bar in Washington, DC, or even having a conversation in a tailorship shop with the propreitor, it seems that the struggles of love and relationships are felt by all, and that it's something that people are open to talk about.

And to me, everything is a chance for observation and analysis. You can see a lot through direct and indirect action, and you learn more through your mistakes, miscues and mistakes than you do from your successes.

Re-examining that last statement, I have gotten to observe and learn much [as well as be marvelled by it], by not only attending different singles events in the Greater Philadelphia area, but hosting them as well. And needless to say, you can learn a lot not only from your interaction with others there, but also by just watching people, getting your own take on them, and getting the take on them by others.

And the flip side is learning from your mistakes, and by that I mean by being at the end of a scorned woman. Of course, there are those that you let in your life, as well as those that you have never let in your life, and the drama that ensues. Maybe that's another book in itself.

Tuesday, July 23, 2024
10:25:34 AM